Released July 7, 2013 – Isolated Wax

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1.Dave Dub – Weirdo produced by Da Hermit 03:53

2.Geronimo Cross – Mass Transit featuring Pacoe The Illiterate 03:11

3.Sean Blak – Made Man produced by Senz Beats 03:28

4.NGAFSH of C.V.E. – Hazardous Material 05:11

5.Haez One – Prying Open a Can of Worms 02:09

6.Barry Bones – Lordz featuring Zest the Smoker 01:43

7.Vida Killz – No H8 produced by Senz Beats 02:21

8.Megabusive – My Own Life produced by DJ Traps 02:20

This is a collection of work from Isolated Wax artists showing some of what we bring to the table.

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Digital Version $5 Available Here