Released April 24, 2013

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Features track 15, Floss The Lossless, by Megabusive & Senz Beats

1. L. Boy Jr. – Differencebetweenmeandamadman 03:54

2. Authentic – Regret Me Nots ft. Oblio, Daveydreadnot, Cantu 03:45

3. Thavius Beck – Atomic Cucumbers 03:41

4. Inoe Oner & Kool Trasher – Unsupervised 03:27

5. The Opus – I Must Obey 05:40

6. Iris & Loop – Dr. Verdict et Mr. Vertigo (prod. Presto Presto) 04:54

7. Big Pauper – Plant Gardens Bomb Banks 04:22

8. Anubis 5 & Andy Able – Abandon All Hope (prod. Kung Lao & Amoz) 03:42

9. Le Parasite – Are You Worried 04:20

10. Summon & Wormhole – Bodies of Water (prod. VoiderOne) 04:26

11. Cyrod Iceberg – Sacrifice Cocktail 03:29

12. Haez One – Elegant Decay (prod. Laineken) 02:58

13. DaKoTa – Visitor 04:17

14. La Mauvaise Humeur – Nouvelle Peau 03:06

15. Megabusive & Senz Beats – Floss the Lossless 03:53

16. Colin Johnco & King Rhythm – Landscaping 03:20

17. A Thousand Vows – Ice-Nine Earth ft. Jason Horodyski and Time 03:53

18. Koi. – Double Vision 04:15

19.Magic Nanna X Doc Heller – Blame Thrower 03:54

20. Serum – No World Owners 03:44

21. La Main Gauche (K2C) & Stekri – Sur des Ruines 04:43

Last year, when we released the “Salade de Concombres Vol. 1”, we had waves of positive feedback, nevertheless, most felt that it was too big, too much, not suitable for one sitting, hard to digest, and so on. We took notes of everything and tried to do our best on this new volume.

This compilation was based on a very specific concept : having the music composed according to the artwork. Albane’s artwork whirlwind of surreal collage madness bears within the vector of this compilation as artists had to integrate bits of it in their lyrics or beats.

The rules were simple :

– The submitted song should imperatively bear a link with the aforementioned artwork by Albane / DyN (in atmosphere, mood, lyrics, etc)
– Anybody could participate (with as many songs as they wanted)

At the end of the submission period we selected the songs carefully so that they would form a cohesive ensemble while still expressing each particularity and style of every artists involved.

In the end, the wide variety of themes aborded makes for an unsettling trip in the minds of those who crafted those sonic treats. Annunakis, Ancient Astronauts, nuclear war, atomic bombs, UFOs, other forms of life, death, capitalism, after-life, Hell and resurrection are just some of the topics rapped here.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this as much as we did making it.

Thanks to everybody involved in this compilation, it wouldn’t had happened without your creativity and artistic generosity.

Thanks to you for listening, enjoy and share! 

Shoutouts to : L. Boy Jr., Authentic, Davey, Cantu, Oblio, Thavius Beck, Kool Trasher, Inoe Oner, The Opus, Iris, Loop, Big Pauper, Anubis 5, Andy Able, Kung Lao, Amoz, Le Parasite, Summon, Wormhole, VoiderOne, Cyrod Iceberg, Haez One, DaKoTa, La Mauvaise Humeur, Megabusive, Senz Beats, Colin Johnco, King Rhythm, A Thousand Vows, Jason Horodyski, Time, Koi., Magic Nanna, Doc Heller, Serum, Stekri, La Main Gauche, Lapin Radin, Rémy, Pierre, Dat, Krampf, Dom, Damien, Co.

Mastering by Deeskee.

Artwork & graphic layouts by holy Albane.

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Free Digital Release Available Here