Released May 3rd, 2023

Digital Release $9 – Available Here

1.The Vault Is Full Of Leaves (intro) 00:25
2.Screen Crack 01:47
3.Lightning 01:47
4.Smartest Thing To Leave 01:13
5.Games On Your Phone 01:15
6.Chew The Leaf Pt. 2 01:46
7.Vite Fait 00:58
8.Out Of Town 01:14
9.At Loop Sessions 01:26
10.Hands You Clap 01:58
11.Glove Compartment 01:28
12.Sit & Wonder 02:39
13.Nos Cœurs 02:40
14.Velour Interior 02:08
15.Place On The Coast 01:25
16.Break Em Off 01:36
17.Just Leave(s) 02:11
18.Got Me A Koala (outerlude) 00:41
19.Eucalization 01:33

All beats made by Senz on an iPhone using Koala Sampler by Elf Audio

Thank you to everyone who helped make this project possible: my wife Gaby for her infinite love & support, Marek for making the app, MSXII Sounds, Inphonic & Kymatica for making the other apps, Shem G & Musoni for lending me their vocal talents, Dibia$e, Loop Sessions, Serato, FABC, Blips & Beats & Samplerumble for all hosting sample challenges where some of these originate from, Thxk_u, Tvkii, Stxn, Faneva, Cooper, Funkywhat, Dante, Lex Boogie for help along the way & thank you to everyone who gives me a boost by purchasing, streaming, supporting & sharing my music! Shout out koalagang!

Produced, mixed & assembled by Senz Beats
Featuring voice-overs by Shem G
“Break Em Off” featuring vocal sample by Musoni

Digital Release $9 – Available Here

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