Released June 5, 2020

Digital Release $13.30 Available Here

1.Beats On The Phone 00:09
2.Metallica 00:54
3.Filthy Hammers 01:00
4.Life In The Sky 01:33
5.Make It Easy 01:42
6.Senz’ Lament 00:51
7.He’s Hurt! 01:51
8.The Anthem 01:34
9.lettuceproducebeets 1 01:11
10.Gloria Dub 01:05
11.Phone Beats??? 00:10
12.Dark Alley 01:04
13.Sample A Car 00:29
14.2000xl 00:45
15.lettuceproducebeets 2 01:14
16.Pizza Slice Piano 01:32
17.Jaunty Little Beat 01:06
18.Never Go Back 03:21

Volume 2 in the Koala Sampler collection.

All beats produced by Senz using Koala Sampler by Elf Audio:

All Da Way Live Radio skits featuring Pro-V, Dante Maxwell, YomYom, Mr. Kou

Adlibs by Lex Boogie From The Bronx

Much love to the Loop Sessions & Beats Mode family

Shout out to Lo-tek, tvkii, Lordt Stxn, rawlife collective, Dibiase, Giallo Point & the entire Koala Sampler community

All proceeds from this release will be donated to charities such as the United States National Bail Fund Network’s Emergency Response Fund & the National Lawyer’s Guild Mass Defense Program

Digital Release $13.30 Available Here