Released February 8, 2020

Digital Release $13.30 Available Here

1.The Eucalypt Forests (intro) 00:16
2.#dibiflip I 01:11
3.Mr. Kool 01:39
4.Crack The Kode 01:21
5.Kold Wars 01:15
6.Hectic Breeding Season 01:02
7.Idris 02:04
8.King Koala 01:18
9.Koalas In The Mist ft xixool & funkywhat 01:10
10.First Thought 01:16
11.STM ft tom & oscar 02:24
12.#dibiflip II 01:04
13.Dirt Mode 01:14
14.Floodgates 01:50
15.Chew The Leaf 00:51
16.Canopy View 00:34
17.Bush Fire 01:03

All beats made by Senz using Koala Sampler in Montreal, London & Brussels – Dec 2019 to Feb 2020

Koalas are having a rough time with the bush fires at the moment, make a donation here to give them a hand:

Thanks to Koala Sampler, Dibiase, Giallo Point for sharing their amazing work and leading me to this app.

Digital Release $13.30 Available Here