Released November 16, 2018 – Tygr Rawwk Rcrds / Hello L.A

Digital Release $7 Available Here

Cassette Release via Hello L.A. Sold Out

Features track 4. Certs & 5. Satan’s Snow produced by Senz

1.Megalord 02:35
2.Psychotronics 04:39
3.I Stay Shinin’ feat. H.Prizm 02:20
4.Certs 05:02
5.Satan’s Snow 01:58
6.Hidden Hammer 02:44
7.Stringfellow Hawk 05:40
8.You Wish 04:22
9.She Looks Like A Sad Man 06:47
10.Death Wave/How to Suffer 03:14
11.The Ugly, The Ugly, and The Ugly 03:37

Beans – Orator (OT Music/SESAC)

All Tracks produced by Ay Fast (Fast Grey Fox (SESAC)

except: Psychotronics produced by P. Stoops (ASCAP), Certs and Satan’s Snow produced by Senz Beats, Hidden Hammer produced by Michael Dykehouse, sax on Satan’s Snow &The Ugly,The Ugly, and The Ugly by Dan Wenniger

#2nd Mic Delight on I Stay Shinin’ – H.Prizm of APC (Antipopulist (SESAC)

* Drums on She Looks Like A Sad Man, Death Wave/How to Suffer, and The Ugly, The Ugly, and The Ugly by ZVK

Someday Cover Photo by Ms MASHA

Recorded, Mixed, and Engineered by John Delzoppo @ Negative Space

Mastered by Wharton Tiers /

Tygr Rawwk Rcrds / Hello L.A/ 2018